We Go There Together: Find the Deep Purpose with Son Lux

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If you have not yet acquainted yourself with the musical divinity that is Son Lux, you should do so immediately. In fact, it’s quite possible that you have already stumbled upon them by accident: the music of Son Lux – the trio composed of primary songwriter, keyboardist, and wordsmith Ryan Lott, guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, and drummer Ian Chang – was sampled heavily on recent songs by Fall Out Boy and Halsey, covered by Lorde, and featured in the film Paper Towns just to name a few notable pop culture appearances. No stranger to being the man behind the curtain, founding member Ryan Lott has composed music for everything from commercials to films to dance choreography, although he says that Son Lux began as “a way to explore some of [his] creative urges that weren’t being satisfied in other pursuits musically.”

Hangout Fest 2016 Photos

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Hangout Fest is one of our favorite festivals! It’s on the beach, it requires an epic road trip, and you can have a sweet ocean view while you watch amazing artists.

Asaf Avidan Is The Best Songwriter Of Our Time

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“Evening rises, darkness threatens to engulf us all, but there’s a moon above it’s shining and I think I hear a call, it’s just a whisper through the trees, my ears can hardly make it out, but I can hear it in my heart vibrating strong as if she shouts. Oh Ariadne, I’m coming I just need to work this maze inside my head, I came here like you asked, I killed the beast that part of me is dead. Oh Ariadne, I just need to work this maze inside my head, if only I had listened to you when you offered me that thread.”

Why 2015 Was The Year Of Taylor Swift

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I would consider myself a pretty big Swiftie, by my own standards – I own all of her albums in physical form, I’ve cried to “You’re Not Sorry” and “All Too Well” when guys were the worst, I danced to 22 when I was 22 myself and I bought a T-shirt displaying the 1989 album cover when I went to the concert this year. I will stand up for her to so-called haters and stay up past my bedtime to watch her on The Tonight Show. #TeamSwift, am I right?

If You Don’t Like Tidal, You’re Doing It Wrong

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Tidal is a music aficionado’s dream.

It isn’t a competitor to Spotify or Apple music. It’s a completely different entity. Tidal is artist-curated not a computer algorithm. So instead of seeing a broad range of music you’ll find Beyonce’s Festival Favorites or a catalog of artists from Third Man Records.

New Artists
By no means is Tidal just Jay- Z all the time, Tidal Rising puts a spotlight on new, emerging artists and helps them break into the mainstream. The Tidal Discovery program helps listeners discover new artists through monthly playlists and there have been talks of a series of Discovery concerts.