Lady Shot Callers Needs To Be Happening Everywhere

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We love highlighting badass women in the entertainment industry. One of our favorites is Crowd Surf, they’re responsible for helping so many young artists break into the music industry. Crowd Surf was formed in 2007 by Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver and as the brains behind the operation, they’ve worked with the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Max & Harvey, and some of our favorites Why Don’t We and Jena Rose.

Howlin’ for Naomi Wild’s Newest Single

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You’ve probably heard Naomi’s work as she’s behind Odesza’s, “Higher Ground.” Her voice is so intoxicating and you can hear it for yourself behind her single that dropped last friday. “Howlin’” is that perfect song for when you are just addicted to that person you’re seeing and you can’t wait to see them again. I got to talk to Naomi behind her latest single and her plans for the year.

Diet Cig Puts On The Most Energetic Show

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Diet Cig played the outdoor stage at Sidewinder on one of the coldest nights of the year but the tiny venue was packed with people nevertheless. If you haven’t been following the pop-punk two piece with Alex Luciano on guitar and vocals and Noah Bowman on the drums, they’re now a four-piece and they deliver one of the most fun live-shows you’ll see.

Agnes Azria Explores The Beauty Myth

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Agnes Azria loved to sing when she was young and started voice lessons when she was only eight. “I couldn’t go to sleep unless I was sung to, or there was some noise around me,” she muses. “At 12 I started playing guitar so I would write songs. Then I went to Berklee College of Music when I was 19. Now I’m playing in an incredible band, and then we’re gigging around Los Angeles.”