Mokita’s Kiss And Tell

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Mokita’s continuing the ride of his momentum of last year with his single, “Kiss & Tell.” Equally as addicting as his previous songs, this relatable song hits in all the right places. If you thought the single was great, the video is even better. I am in awe of Mokita’s talent and can’t wait to see what else he’s got …

Kat Saul’s Middle Name

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Kat Saul’s voice is moody and sultry all in one. Her latest, “Middle Name” is about reaching a new level with a significant other in an emotional sense. It’s catchy and just in time for your Valentine’s Day soundtrack. Seriously, it was so refreshing to speak with Kat and talk about this single.

You Need To Listen To Go Fever

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Acey Moreno has a strong personality, which is one of my favorite things about her, she’s gravitating. I first saw Go Fever when they were doing a full No Doubt cover set and I was captivated. Acey has a powerful voice and a flair for words. She was having a fitting for new stage outfits the day we talked. For Go Fever, showmanship sets them apart.

DELUNE’s Wild West Side Highway

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DELUNE is the brainchild of two sisters and together they make the dreamiest music. We talked to them about about the West World vibes of their new video and their passion projects. How did DELUNE come to fruition?  We’ve been making music together since we were kids. Last year, we decided to go by the name DELUNE, which embodies multiple …

CXLOE Is Our New Dark Pop Queen

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Dark-pop is by far my favorite genre of music. It has all the elements of pop that I love, hook-driven and synthy but there’s that wonderful underlying melancholy that draws me in. CXLOE is one of the newest names in the genre and she brings that edginess that I crave and of all the artists she could have said inspired her, she surprises me by saying, “Taylor Swift.”