LOYALS Are A Trio To Be Reckoned With

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For a lot of us in music discovery we are fascinated with the idea of finding a “new band”. I am 103% one of these people. Usually, the discovery leads to further investigation, which leads to a much better understanding of where a band came from and how they get to the point of discovery. No truer example of this is the Nashville threesome, LOYALS.

Luna Shadows Says There’s Strength In Vulnerability

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I don’t think there’s a lot of people in the music world as smart as Luna Shadows. Her latest EP Youth has been circulating on every blog and playlist. She’s in complete control of her music and her career and she’s fiercely business-minded. That’s not to take away from her music, her songs are haunting and intricate, she has a distinctive sound.

Everything Is Coming Up ROZES

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If you think ROZES is just the girl synonymous with The Chainsmokers’ song Roses you’re missing out. At 24, ROZES has written music for nearly everyone, she has credits for Cheat Codes, Louis Tomlinson, Sophie Beem, and countless others. Her song Famous has over 893k streams and she’s worked with almost everyone in the music industry. Her voice is hauntings and her lyrics are emotional and heartfelt.