SOUR As An Asian American

emilytreadgold #7, Editorial

I say this with as little boasting as possible – as a High School Musical franchise fanatic, I *personally* knew Olivia Rodrigo was always going to be a star. With the debut “driver’s license,” it was almost like she appeared out of nowhere, but after screaming “All I Want” for the last six months prior, I knew this was going …

New Music Alert: Nightly: night, love you

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Formed of cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta, and drummer Nick Sainato, Nightly has been steadily releasing dreamy songs, and now we finally have their debut album. It’s just what you expect, shimmering dreamy soundscapes with relatable lyrics and melodies that feel like you’re getting lost in your mind. The relatable aspect is paramount for the band. Frontman Jonathan Capeci …

THE WLDLFE – I’m Not Worried Anymore

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Following the release of their debut EP “New” and last year’s “I.L.Y”, Indianapolis indie-alt outfit, The Wldlfe, are back with their debut full-length album “I’m Not Worried Anymore”. While not a new name to The New Nine, The Wldlfe are set to take things to the next level this fall.

Tour the Dark Astral Plane with Lord Huron’s New Album Vide Noir

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I’ve been listening to Lord Huron for a couple of years now and I honestly didn’t know if it could get much better than their 2015 album, Strange Trails. I fell in love with the romantic yet macabre tales they spun and how atmospheric their sound was. Now Vide Noir has come out and I feel like I’ve been on a cosmic journey across the MIlky Way ever since.

Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Is A Masterpiece

emilytreadgold #8, Editorial

Okay, we’re about to dive into the layers of my life that I don’t think I have ever mentioned – at least not out loud. I’m not sure if I’m even proud to admit that I once had a tumblr. I really used it for the 1D gifs and trying to be one of the lucky fans who Taylor Swift followed. While we’re here discussing 1D and Taylor, we all watched the Haylor relationship unfold, right? I know, I know. What the hell does this have to do with Halsey?!

‘Harry Styles’ is Harry Styles Through and Through

emilytreadgold #6, Editorial

It’s taken me about a week to synthesize my thoughts around “Harry Styles,” the debut album from my very favorite dude, but I finally feel like I have calmed down enough to put words on a page. I want to start by saying I am trying to make this as unbiased and as thoughtful as possible, but let’s be honest, we all know I can’t say a bad word about Harry and that’s why y’all love (or hate) me. Anyway, it would be a vast understatement to say that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat for a literal year waiting for this album, but I was a little nervous – no one knew what #SoloStyles was going to sound like, and I was really hoping it would be something I enjoyed. Harry has an interesting taste in music, so it had the potential to be anything.