New Music Alert: Lo’s “Mantra”

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I’m constantly impressed with Lo’s talent. Once again, her latest single, “Mantra” was written and produced all by her. She describes ‘Mantra’ as a darker track, incorporating trap & urban elements, while also being lyrically very bold. ‘Good Good’ was very cheeky, ‘Drumline’ cute, and ‘Naked’ sweet & honest- so I felt the need to give my audience something that would make them feel fierce & badass. We’re thrilled to premiere this track and will be bopping to it all day.

ABT LST NT Will Be Your New Obsession

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If you know me at all, you know I love bands – especially the sort made up of boys – so you can imagine how excited I was to interview rising band ABT LST NT (pronounced About Last Night) as they begin to gain traction in the music world. This year has been a big year for ABT LST NT, made up of Eben Franckewitz, Mikey Bromley, Jackson Owens and Jack Taylor – they released their first EP as a foursome in August and have hit a stride on social media through recent mash-ups of songs like Justin Bieber’s Cold Water combined with Ben E. King’s Stand By Me and covers like The Weeknd’s Starboy.

How Lights Keeps Her Music Fresh

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Lights was signed when she was 15. She was very young when she recognized the importance of music in her life. She compares music to magic. She said, “You can change the way a person feels about a moment of their lives with an intangible piece of information.”
Lights is now 28 and has had a phenomenal career as a musician. On her latest album Little Machines she stays true to her sound but has still grown with her style.