Misty Mtn: Guess Who’s Back

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If you’ve ever avoided bars, coffee shops, or even an entire side of town after a break up, you’ll relate to Misty Mtn’s newest single ‘Guess Who’s Back.’ The self-described dark-mountain pop duo defies genre, blending pop, folk, and electronic influence to create catchy, but emotional tracks.

New Music Alert: Alex Stern’s “Fingers Crossed”

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I rarely cover country music, but I absolutely adore Alex Stern. Her songwriting is so relatable, emotional, and vulnerable. Her latest single, “Fingers Crossed” is a little more forceful than her previous singles, but in the best way. Her vocals are so strong in this one that you know she’s a woman not to be messed with. My favorite thing about her is she’s so wise beyond her years and I’m always thrilled and excited to premiere anything of hers.

New Music Alert: Saint Slumber

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Saint Slumber has been paired up with the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Portugal. the Man, and Walk the Moon, but don’t be fooled. They’ve got a sound of their very own. Melodic and rhythmic lyrics, their next EP is sure to create the most wonderful soundtrack. Their EP is set to drop later this year and we were so excited to hear all about it!

New Music Alert: Joyeur’s LIFEEATER

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Joyeur just dropped their EP Lifeeater and their sound is like nothing else. The dynamic duo of singer-songwriter Joelle Corey and producer-instrumentalist Anna Feller creates crazy rhythms and intense melodies. We talked to Joelle about the new EP and what has been inspiring them lately.