New Video Alert: Iris’s “Crazy”

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Iris just dropped her video for “Crazy” and my first reaction is, “omg her eye makeup is flawless.” Iris has honey-soaked vocals that just  hit you hard. The song is so haunting and beautiful, this video totally encapsulate that vibe. Her first outfit is very old-Hollywood glam and she sings in a in empty room with flashbacks playing of a …

New Music Alert: Sydney Cope’s “Watch Out For Me”

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Rising pop artist Sydney Cope just dropped her video for “Watch Out For Me” and while her voice is sweet and angelic the message is clear, don’t mess with her. We talked about the new video and the best way to get revenge. Sydney! Tell me how you got started in music? Sydney: My singing and music lessons began at a …

New Music Alert: The Trash Mermaids “Stoked On Life”

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The Trash Mermaids just dropped their new song “Stoked On Life” in honor of Earth Day. All proceeds are going to Mission Blue for ocean conservation, a cause close to their hearts. The band is fronted by Scarlett Blu who has visited all of the world’s oceans. We talked to them about new music and why we should give a damn …

New Video: Cyn’s “Terrible Ideas”

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CYN just dropped a GORGEOUS video for her new song “Terrible Ideas” and it’s giving us some serious Chanel envy. The video was directed by Quinn Wilson, in partnership with CHANEL Beauty. All eyes are on CYN in the intimate video, which features extreme closeups with a focus on natural beauty. Director Quinn Wilson weighed in on the concept behind the video, explaining “There’s a …

90’s Kids Throwing It Back With “Slow Motion”

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90’s Kids just dropped a new song titled “Slow Motion” and it’s giving us all the nostalgia feels. We chatted with the band about the inspo behind the song and the biggest challenge they’ve faced so far. How did y’all get started as a band?  90’s Kids: Matt, Robby and myself (Corey) all went to college together at Ohio University. I’d …

Premiere: Trapdoor Social’s “Truth”

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Trapdoor Social makes indie-pop perfection but what sets them apart from other bands, is their passion for environmentalism. We talked to them about their insanely catchy song “Truth” and their solar-powered concerts. How did Trapdoor Social form? Merritt and I (Skylar) met at Pomona College, doing environmental studies. I remember some nearly-all-nighters in the computer lab working on class projects and talking …

Video Premiere : Reliant Tom “Alien”

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Reliant Tom is an experimental performance art duo from New York and their sound resembles the likes of artists like St. Vincent . Formed shortly after composer Monte Weber met choreographer and vocalist Claire Cuny at a DIY show in Brooklyn, the duo now pairs music with their unique talents of sound design, wearable technology, modern dance, and non-genre specific songwriting.