Video Premiere : Reliant Tom “Alien”

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Reliant Tom is an experimental performance art duo from New York and their sound resembles the likes of artists like St. Vincent . Formed shortly after composer Monte Weber met choreographer and vocalist Claire Cuny at a DIY show in Brooklyn, the duo now pairs music with their unique talents of sound design, wearable technology, modern dance, and non-genre specific songwriting.

Premiere : Pink Dust – “She”

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Pink Dust’s “She” is a dreamy tune to get you in the mood. You can take from that what you will, but this track is seriously perfect for any romantic. Vocalist Cliff Littlefield’s vocals come across tender, genuine, sentimental, and vulnerable over a soft melodic guitar part. With “She” the indie duo says …

Video Premiere: Derek Sallmann “Breakdown,Breakthrough”

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Derek Sallman’s gorgeous new video for “Breakdown, Breakthrough” takes viewers on a scenic journey in Lake Michigan. We talked to the up-and-coming artist about the meaning behind the song and what he has in store for 2019. How did you get started in music?  Derek: I got started because my parents are both musicians. My mom is a flute player …