How To Dress Like Kacey Musgraves

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I was raised on country music, but like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, I couldn’t get into Bro-Country, that just was not going to happen. I really felt like the whole genre forgot its roots, until I heard Kacey Musgraves. The East Texas country singer who put clever lyrics to classic music and brought authenticity back to country music. She is so honest and accepting in a genre that seems to be propagating antiquated opinions on women and religion. She reminds me of June Carter. Her outfits are amazing, whether it’s her music videos or her performances she embodies the classic Rhinestone Cowgirl theme. That may not be super appropriate for everyday activities but whatever.

The Badass Women Of Coachella

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Coachella, you beautiful mega-festival that has catapulted itself into a crazy cultural phenomenon, I can’t wait to attend you this year. On that note, I also can’t wait to see so many artists that I admire. Someone told me “no one goes to the day shows,” well I do! Coachella has also received some negative press for not including enough …

Vèritè Talks About Her Musical Evolution And New Sentiment EP

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Vèritè’s music has been making the music blogger circuit for a while. Her new EP Sentiment is out now, so we talked to Vèritè to get to the roots of what makes her music so unique.

Vèritè grew up with music, performing live with her father in her hometown. When she was 13 she started a punk cover band. Her music now is classified as pop but she didn’t actually have a genre in mind.

“Time, trial, and error. I think that as a musician and a writer, you’re constantly trying to perfect, shape, and grow. It was a long period of learning and refining,” she said. “When people started calling it pop, I was almost shocked by that. It just so happens that the songs are chorus-heavy, which translates to pop, but I was listening to hip-hop when I wrote “Strange Enough,” for instance, and there are a lot of different influences you can hear on the EP.”