The Transformative Power Of Kitten

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Chloe Chaidez is whispering to me the entire time we talk, she needs to save her voice for the show. She whispers, “My dad was a musician, he was a drummer so he introduced me to a lot of great bands. I was a gymnast so we’d have these long drives to my gym and he’d play records and it was something I really gravitated towards.”

Explosions Of Magic With Strangers You Know

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Strangers You Know had a packed tent at Coachella, they brought out an orchestra to help them perform their hit “Used”, and after they danced around the stage and crowd-surfed, Adam looked at the audience and said “This has been a dream to be here, we don’t even know what to say,” and he meant it. Adam and Grady met at Coachella years earlier.

How To Deal With Festival FOMO

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Festival season has begun and if you’re like me, you are internally (and externally) crying over all of the cool and fun music-centric extravaganzas you are going to be missing. Whether it’s work, school, low funds in your bank account, not being old enough to attend or adult-ing NOTHING changes the fact that you are and will be missing out on your wildest dreams. As a girl who had to forgo South By Southwest this year for the first time since I was sixteen due to being a full-time working adult, I feel your pain.* We can navigate this together.

Why EDM Will Define This Generation

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EDM is not new, techno and house music has been around for a long time. The past years have seen a rise in this new culture of dance music with the growing popularity of Skrillex, Deadmau5, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and the list goes on. It doesn’t stop at the warehouse either, EDM has infiltrated the Top 40 radio. It’s increasing popularity and cult-like following have made it a new musical phenomenon.

How KONGOS Got Their Unique Sound

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We’d be willing to bet that KONGOS have been stuck in your head at some point recently. Their breakthrough hit “Come With Me Now” has been on the radio, ESPN promos, and commercials. The song is known for its gritty vocals, crazy beat, and accordion hooks. It’s impossibly catchy.

The South African group is made up of four brothers: Dylan, Daniel, Jesse, and Johnny Kongos. Now based in Phoenix, the band achieved success in their native country before releasing their second album, Lunatic in 2013.
Their first headlining tour kicked off in Dallas recently and we managed to catch their show and sat down with Daniel Kongos.