Mad Hawkes’ Talks Babe Rock and New Music

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Mad Hawkes’ flair for life is equally as amazing as her flair for music. She went with the “babe rock” genre for herself and her music. “I overheard someone say the word so I just went with it. I admire Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes and Amy Winehouse. They just both bring such a forceful female presence. You know they’re there,” she tells me.

Born Ruffians Are Keeping It Authentic

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Born Ruffians are known for their energetic live-show, their sharp lyricism, and their relatability. They make songs that are down-to-earth and more casual, but they have this undeniable chemistry. Luke and Mitch are cousins and Steve met them in high school. He says, “Luke and I had both seen the Strokes on Saturday Night Live and we decided we wanted to do that too.”

PHANGS Brings Us Into Happy Season

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Nashville Pop Artist, Phangs, is back with his new album Happy Season. Following his 2017 release of Get in My Arms, we find Jake Germany at a different point in life, in a happy season. Recently engaged and soon to be married, Phangs has a new chapter to tell in his story. It’s be an experience watching Phangs grow from one single to a full-blown project, with a dedicated fan base and following.